The New Solid Titanium
      FascialEdge® Ti.

Introducing the FascialEdge Myofascial Tool

Fascial-Edge Massage Tool



Fascial-Edge Massage ToolThe FascialEdge® is an essential tool for busy hands-on practitioners. It simply folds into your hands. The working edges make the therapeutic contact, taking the pressure off your valuable fingers and thumbs.
Using the FascialEdge®, it`s easy to work deeper with less effort, and work longer with less strain. Importantly, your hands remain in contact with the client at all times. See feedback
The tool is 20cm (8") long, allowing a relaxed but firm hold
with either one or two hands. The tactile curves and profiles of the tool allow a perfect "fit" to tissue planes and anatomical features


The FascialEdge® has 2 fundamental differences to other myofascial tools


  • The working surfaces are rounded, giving total control over the degree and direction of pressure. The FascialEdge® really can work into grooves and body contours traditional tools can`t reach.
  • The FascialEdge is designed to actually fold into your hands so they`re always in contact with the patient, guiding the tool and feeling for feedback. Patients naturally appreciate the manual contact.


Getting started: The FascialEdge® can be used for with existing skills and techniques, but comes with detailed instructions on how to hold, and how to use.


The FascialEdge® Package


  • Precision crafted from Solid Titanium and beautifully finished for ultra-low friction. One tool will last a lifetime

  • Instruction Booklet: How to hold and how to use.
    Photos and graphic guidelines.

  • Memory Stick: Demonstration videos and animations showing the Scanlines: specialised
    treatment protocols for each body region.




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Using a “pull”action over
the paraspinals

Using the long edge
over the T / L fascia

Using the tip over
the trapezius



Design Reg under EU Reg no 001060487
Trade Mark New EU TM 007483489