Equine Massage System for Owners & Grooms

With time and use the muscles of the horse’s back can become fibrous and sore. Performance drops off and the horse “isn’t quite right”. Sometimes a horse will flinch and show pain even with grooming. There’s nothing to beat regular massage care to keep your horse’s back at its best. With the FascialEdge® system, you can give a thorough deep massage in less than 10 minutes, without straining your hands & fingers. These are some of proven techniques we teach to vets, physios and chiropractors on our professional courses.

Most horses enjoy a good massage but hands and fingers alone simply can’t reach down to the deeper muscles and ligaments of the horse’s back. With the FascialEdge® it’s quick and easy to give a really effective, stimulating massage without strain to your hands and fingers.

The tool is ergonomically shaped to sit comfortably in your hands. Its shape concentrates the pressure you apply to give a smooth even massage to the horse. The FascialEdge® is purpose made to follow the curves and contours of the horse’s back. Just a few minutes` work helps revive tired muscles and stop the build up of soreness, especially in the saddle area. Horses simply love this from day one.

Getting started: the FascialEdge® comes with clear instructions and video guides to show you how to hold and use the tool. Easy-to-follow diagrams show you the “Scanlines“ … patterns of strokes that cover the important muscles, fascial tissues and ligaments in the horses’ back.

How does it work?

Put simply, saddle & rider put pressure on the vital chain of the muscles and tissues which stretch from the neck right through to the tail. In time they can become fibrous and sore. Regular deep massage helps break up fibrosis and restore normal circulation to the tissues. Using the FascialEdge® simply makes this quicker, easier and more thorough.


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The Fascial Edge Kit

Fascial Edge Tool

Super comfortable for horse and user Solid Titanium for ultra low friction One quality tool that will last a lifetime

Memory Stick Video Guide

Live footage of every massage move
Graphic illustrations of the Scanlines

Instructions Booklet

Step-by-step photos & descriptions

“… simply a brilliant tool. It makes soft tissue work so much easier, but doesn`t cause stress to my hands. I wouldn`t want to be without this. My horses love it…”
Janine Midgeley MCSP

The Scanlines of the Quarters

Using the long edge of the tool

Working over the biceps femoris tendons
… vital for impulsion

Equine FascialEdge Video