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Testimonials and Advice

Fascial-Edge Massage Tool

Testimonials and Advice


Irene Llewellyn - Massage Therapist and Horse Owner“thanks for the equine tool, so far I have had great responses from it with a variety of horses. I have used it toward the end of the sessions with my clients and been amazed at the knots it has picked up after I`ve had great (manual) releases (and thought it was a pretty complete treatment.) I have used it as the only modality on my own horses and have been really impressed with the results, especially two older horses who had serious injuries during their competitive careers, it has "smoothed" out for want of a better expression the area all long the ribs, all tightness has gone. Our mare Rosie blew out about 20 times as I worked across her ribs and I have just taken her rug off this morning and she looks like a different horse. So smooth and soft. They both look better in their eyes too, so metabolic changes have definitely occurred. Many Thanks“

Irene Llewellyn, Massage Therapist and horse owner


`I wouldn`t want to work on a horse with my hands alone now. The `Edge` works deeper and quicker, but still gives great feedback from the tissues. A great tool for horse maintenance`

Andrew Jennings MRCVS (Vet)

“the Fascialedge is an amazing tool. It not only gets results on patients and horses, but it really does take the effort out of getting to the deep tissues, thereby saving a lot of stress and strain on my own joints! It`s just invaluable and I can highly recommend it to other practitioners"

Paul Malone D.C (Chiropractor)


“just a brilliant tool, wouldn`t want to be in practice without it“

Laura Robinson D.C. (Chiropractor)


I have been using the FascialEdge tool on our racehorses for several years now and have been delighted with the results. Not only is the tool very well tolerated even by very sensitive skinned TBs but it makes life much easier for the therapist's hands!

Chris & Antonia Bealby, (Race Trainers)


'I initially came across this brilliant tool whilst attending an equine chiropractic course run by Andrew himself. I've used it in daily practice ever since on literally thousands of patients; humans as well as horses! It's carefully developed contours, size and weight make it easy and effective to use. I can't recommend this tool, or Andrew`s courses highly enough'

Bruce Hewitt D.O. (Osteopath)


``I wouldn`t even think of working on a horse with my hands alone now. The `Edge` works deeper and quicker, and it`s miles easier on my hands. You can do really good soft tissue work in such a short time. The horses definitely love it. Indispensable`

Janine Midgeley MCSP (Physio)


`If you have it used on you, you know why the horses like it so much. You really feel that something worthwhile is going on. I use this every day, on nearly every patient, equine or human. Enough said?`

Dave Darwent D.C. (Chiropractor)


`an invaluable tool, (worth it`s weight in Titanium) … adds an extra dimension to my massage work, plus it really saves my hands. Plus the horses just love it`

Claire Cole QVN, (Veterinary Nurse)



Andrew GlaisterA note from FascialEdge Designer & MD Andrew Glaister D.C.


I made the first FascialEdge® over 12 years ago. I needed something to help me work deeper and more thoroughly on my clients` horses. The first version was made from hardwood, turned on a lathe! However, the horses definitely gave it their nod of approval. Since that time I have constantly refined the tool to make it more comfortable for the user and the horse alike. The working edges of the current Titanium plated model are precision machined on a computer controlled lathe. They give the perfect pressure. From the comments above you can see that the horses still approve! When you buy the tool you will need some time to get used to it. This is normal. Follow the videos, read the notes and practice. In no time you will have a wonderful skill, literally ... at your fingertips. Your horse will thank you for it!



There are cheap copies of the FascialEdge® tool about. They tend to have sharp edges which can potentially cause bruising to the horses, and your hands. The genuine FascialEdge® will last a lifetime. For your horse`s, and your hands sake, get the real thing to start off with!


They will be pleased that you are maintaining your horse on a regular basis. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. The FascialEdge® is widely used by vets, therapists and trainers. But if problems persist do seek expert advice. Get your horses` back, teeth and saddle-fit checked regularly. Your horses` health always comes first. The FascialEdge® won`t turn you into a back expert, but it will give you valuable skills to help look after your horse`s back on a weekly basis.

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