The New Solid Titanium
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The FascialEdge® Tool, Questions and Answers

Fascial-Edge Massage Tool




For those interested in instrument assisted fascial and soft tissue work, you may find some of these Q & A`s helpful. Please feel free to contact us by email for other queries.

Do you recommend the use of oil or some other emolliant?

No. We recommend you use the tool through a single thin layer of clothing or thin cloth. There are several reasons for this:


  1. Keeping skin friction to a minimum: unless a lot of oil is used, there will always be friction and dragging on skin and body hair. The FascialEdge® glides over a single layer clothing without friction or fuss.
  2. Patient comfort. Many of the crucial fascial planes run close to personal areas e.g. the groin & the axilla. Whilst we need to work through these regions, patients invariably prefer the comfort and modesty of retaining a layer of clothing.
  3. In a busy practice, applying and removing emoliant is time consuming and can be rather a fuss.

Doesn`t using a metal tool detract from the human contact with a patient?

If used alone, yes. But we recommend the initial touch and palpation is made by hand. In practice, when using the FascialEdge , one or both hands will be on the patient at all times.

How is it possible to palpate using an instrument?

We emphasise that initial and superficial palpation should be made by hand….there`s no substitute for manual touch. But soft touch sensation (from Merkels discs in the fingertips) is lost when deep pressure is applied. When carrying out deep palpation, the FascialEdge® can give feedback that fingers alone cannot.

Isn`t this just another form of Graston Technique?


No. This tool was developed independently with myofascial release in mind, working through a layer of textile rather than on the skin. But to put things into perspective, Myofascial Tools have been around for thousands of years. There are many types and brands on the market today. Research and understanding move on. This is a new modern tool for the up-to-date practitioner.

  • It is one tool, rather than a set. In practice FascialEdge® is extremely versatile and meets 99% of a clinicians needs.
  • The FascialEdge® was developed over many fears by a clinician specialising in fascial release work . Its contours and features are unique.
  • The FascialEdge® is extremely versatile and is an ideal tool for Gua –Sha and Graston type treatments.


How do patients react to having a metal tool used on them?

Generally very well. Most patients appreciate the need for deeper and more thorough work. But we
emphasise: explain, start gently and assess patient reaction at all times.

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