The New Solid Titanium
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The FascialEdgeTM Tool, Professionals Quotes

Fascial-Edge Massage Tool



What people say:

“I find this tool ergonomically efficient and clinically invaluable .... for both the patient and the practitioner”
Leon Chaitow D.O. University of Westminster

“I have learned to appreciate this tool greatly ..... I highly recommend it. A great tool for our trade”
Dr Robert Schleip Ph.D. Ulm University, Germany

“... patients love it as it is not only non painful but also relaxing…I have used the instrument with great success on a wide variety of conditions…..I am so impressed with the instrument and its simplicity of use that I have incorporated it into the undergraduate myofascial course I teach at A.E.C.C."
Dr Hugh Gemmel D.C. Principal Lecturer
Anglo European College of Chiropractic

(sadly, Dr Gemmel passed on in October 2010)

“An excellent addition to osteopathic practice. Makes treatment quick, easy and effective. You only have to have it used on yourself to realise instantly just how effective it is. I wouldn`t want to be in practice without this.”
Richard Blacklaw- ones D.O. Registered Osteopath

“I love it; my patients love it. I love the way it saves my hands and fingers. After a long career I`m getting remarkable and lasting results, especially in patients with severe pain.”
Susan Shaw MCSP, Physiotherapist

“Like most chiropractors, after 20 years in busy practice I`ve acquired many skills & techniques to get the quickest and longest lasting results. I use the FascialEdge tool every hour of every working day, with almost every patient: ... enough said ?
Dr David Darwent D.C., Chiropractor

“The restorative effect of the FascialEdge tool is amazing. I know about stiff joints and sore muscles …. I have just returned from running around the world! It took 4 years and a heck of a lot of wear and tear. I had so many stringy muscles and ropy tendons I don`t know how Andrew knew where to start. Within days, I was moving so much more freely and feeling so much stronger. Many,
many thanks”
Rosy Swales MBE Athlete extraordinaire (ed.)

Leeds Rhinos

“Keeping Leeds Rhinos professional rugby league players in good shape is a tough job. The FascialEdge is simply indispensable to our maintenance and rehabilitation work”

David O`Sullivan M.C.S.P. Head
Physio, Leeds Rugby Academy

Leeds Rhinos


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